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Kenny Hilton
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Kenny Hilton

As a senior at Stephen F. Austin State University, I was like everyone else trying to figure out what I was going to do after I graduated.  Well, that day finally came in 1988 and as I saw my friends go to work for Big 8 accounting firms, major retailers and financial powerhouses, I decided I would go to work for my Dad.  My father had started a security company (Hilton and Associates, Inc.) in 1982 and was looking for someone to step in and help him run the family business.  I started out handling all the service requests and quickly learned how challenging customer service can be.

When my father retired in 1996, I immediately thought that “being in charge” would be a piece of cake and it was all an easy road from that point on.  I hadn’t realized how hard it was to run a business on your own and quickly developed a new respect for anyone that was a small business owner.

Twelve years later in 2008, I closed the business and went to work for LRG. I went from being my own boss to working for a very successful Independent rep. firm with a great reputation in the industry.

I was glad to stay in the industry, but quickly realized it was a totally different arena.  I am now trying to get companies like I once ran to patronize the products from the manufacturers I am now representing.   It is a very challenging task, to say the least!   In 2010, a great pioneer of our industry passed away (my father) and it has inspired and recommitted me to be at my best everyday and to make a difference at LRG.

Thank you for your support of LRG. We all are very appreciative of your business and your trust.  I cover the Houston market.

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