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Security Robots: Mobile, Intelligent and Capable Effective Robotics with Reliable Connectivity from Trilogy NextGen

In a few short years, robotics have rapidly evolved, moving beyond the manufacturing floor and into our daily lives. As technology advances and the possibilities expand, robots are being deployed in a wide range of environments. One of the most exciting developments is the use of advanced robotics for a host of security applications.

Autonomous and mobile, security robots use advanced technologies like GPS localization and contour-based navigation to patrol the environment, collecting data and carrying out specific security tasks. They can also interact with employees, using on-board video to connect the employee to a live security specialist to report a potential concern or get basic information.

Protecting Indoors and Out

Robots can be deployed virtually anywhere security personnel are needed and can patrol for extended length, 24/7/365 without tiring or needing a day off. Their wide-ranging capabilities

Indoor security

Able to access and operate elevators and process a wide variety of external stimuli, security robots are being deployed inside buildings and facilities.

Some use cases include:

  • Identifying and verifying potential intruders
  • Detecting faulty building systems
  • Providing mobile concierge services
  • Spotting and reporting suspicious, unattended items

Outdoor security

All-terrain/all-weather design plus a host of AI-driven features make outdoor security robots indispensable to security personnel teams.

Some use cases include:

  • Recognizing and reporting suspicious vehicles and people
  • Identifying active or existing security breaches
  • Patrolling and securing remote parking lots/garages
  • Ensuring facility doors are properly closed

Public security

Mobile, visible and AI-enabled, security robots can safely navigate public spaces looking for and responding to known security vulnerabilities.

Some applications include:

  • Increasing a city’s existing police presence
  • Providing surveillance and deterrence on education and corporate campuses
  • Providing additional security resources inside schools
  • Providing On-site security and event information at public venues

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