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Tane Alarm Products

Magnetic Contacts for residential and commercial alarm installs, shock sensors, B-connectors, RJ-31 block/cord, and more

Industrial and Automotive Proximity Contacts Since 1979

1984 saw the birth of the Alarm Contact Division of Tane Services Inc. known as Tane Alarm Products. Tane uses the finest deactivated RHODIUM reeds made today to insure long life and no sticking (See explanation below on rhodium plated reeds). Our contacts have been tested to go over 400,000,000 cycles; more important, they are able to sit still for years in an unused door and operate that one critical time. Feel free to pick on our thirty plus years of reed engineering experience.

Our Guarantee $50-1

What the above explanation means is that we guarantee NO STICKING and NO FALSE ALARMS. If during the normal use of TANE (TAP) contacts, you have a false alarm, we will replace the defective switch with $50 in credit upon the return of the defective switch. (If contact fails at installation, we will replace the defective switch $20 in credit, after-installation $50). This warranty is good for the life of the installation, but does not cover sticking due to high voltage surges or lightning. (For such a rare occurrence, TANE will replace that contact two for one). The reason for such a strong warranty is due to continued testing of our reeds in both independent labs as well as in the field. Our reeds have been rated over 400 million operations without sticking and have been used in Electronics, Military and Automotive since 1979. All other products are warrantied for one year beginning on the invoicing date of such products. Replacement of any defective product is the exclusive remedy under this warranty or under any applicable law. All other warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose that are applicable under any federal, state, local, or international law are explicitly disclaimed. All liability for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from a defective product is disclaimed. UL-4702.
*Outside of U.S.A. warranty is $20-1 on magnetic contacts.

Quality Assurance Due to De-activated Rhodium Plated Reeds

Finally, a Brief Technical Explanation on Rhodium Reed Contacts:

Gold and Rhodium plating treatments can fail for many reasons most of which can be prevented with tight quality control. However, the formation of Polymers on these surfaces will occur in the field due to the presence of organic traces and oxygen on the switch.

Tane uses reeds that use a unique oxygen treatment stabilizing the rhodium surfaces and removing all organic impurities. The result is an excellent switch with long life, not prone to the sticking on poor Contact problems prevalent in our industry. Patent# 3857175 UL# E70063

Thus Tane makes this guarantee……$50-1

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