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Safe Zone Gunfire Detection systems represent a breakthrough in cost-effective protection for our kids, colleagues, businesses and civil servants. The patent pending Safe Zone is a wireless IoT (Internet of Things) design combining proprietary, state-of-the-art hardware and cloud-based machine learning software.

Developed by the team at Safe Zone Technologies, Inc. with seasoned veterans from the key areas of automation/control, dynamic sensing and risk mitigation, Safe Zone is built with the expertise and authority earning it US government SAFETY Act recognition. This performance provides schools, universities, clinics, businesses and houses of worship with an unparalleled combination of performance and affordable price to meet the gunfire security needs of both owner/operators and every concerned citizen.

The extremely small detector package integrates a combination of a measurement microphone, an infra-red, and concussion sensor to provide a tri-mode detector to analyze all three signatures of a gunfire incident. When a potential gunfire event is sensed, the detector communicates with the Safe Zone adaptive machine learning algorithm to further characterize the event with high value signature details of weapon type, number of shots, and detector location. This information can be communicated directly to the Administers of the system and the 911 dispatch center affording first responders and tactical teams the critical information needed to safely confront and the threat in a fraction of the current time.

The open design of the Safe Zone system means this will work effectively with both new generation security/automation or your legacy control systems. In addition to wireless communication simplifying installation and lowering the overall cost of ownership.

If gunfire is confirmed, Safe Zone immediately activates the built-in automated response system that connects to all 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Centers (ECC). Safe Zone is the only gunfire detection system currently featuring this type of automated platform the system APP provides an interactive facility map with detector status and also maintains provisions for localized emergency contact list by text.

Rapid response, intelligent communication and open connectivity has made Safe Zone the easy choice for concerned facilities.

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