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AxxonSoft Video Surveillance and Security Solutions

AxxonSoft is a software development company that offers video management software (VMS), physical security information management platform (PSIM), cloud solutions (VSaaS), and inhouse-designed customizable AI video analytics. AxxonSoft software provides best-in-class integration and customization capacity for building intelligent video surveillance and integrated security systems of any scale and for diverse industries.


Global Presence

Based in Cork, Ireland, AxxonSoft has 32 offices worldwide, which helps ensure the company’s visibility, 24/7 support, and quick response times for its partners and clients in every corner of the globe. More than 20,000 customers in 140+ countries rely on AxxonSoft to safeguard critical operations, protect people and assets, and boost business efficiency using video intelligence.

Technology First, Since 2003

AxxonSoft was founded in the era of analog video recorders by a small team of forward-thinking engineers who believed that video surveillance could be digital, intelligent, and user-friendly through technological innovation. Starting with the invention of a revolutionary video codec, proceeding with a pioneering smart search for recorded video, and then focusing on AI, comprehensive integration, and cloud — we have always considered innovation to be our main driver. Although AxxonSoft has evolved into a major player in the global security software market, we still believe that sophisticated, intelligent products can (and must!) be easy to implement and use.

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