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The global leader in power and data transmission solutions. More than just power™

A global leader in power and transmission solutions for professional Security, Surveillance, Access Control and Fire applications, Altronix designs and manufactures innovative solutions that integrate disparate infrastructure and maximize overall performance and efficiency. Our comprehensive line of power products and peripherals, feature the quality, reliability and unparalleled customer support that have been associated with Altronix for over 30 years – proudly made in the U.S.A and backed by a lifetime warranty.

ALTRONIX BRANDS Best-in- breed products marketed under the eBridge, Netway, HubWay, WayPoint, Maximal, ReServ, StrikeIt and Vertiline brands are designed for seamless integration with network-based IP and analog video surveillance, security, access control and fire alarm/life safety systems.


Ethernet over Coax Solutions
eBridge Ethernet over Coax Solutions let you repurpose your analog infrastructure to upgrade and expand security or surveillance. Offering a wide range of options for myriad applications – even outdoors.



Next Generation Power Supply/Chargers
eFlow Power Supply/Chargers with our optional LINQ™ technology lets you monitor and control power while reporting system diagnostics from anywhere via Email/SNMP notifications. eFlow charges batteries 30-50% faster and offers an extensive complement of features including fire alarm interface, over voltage protection and low power cutoff.



FACP Adapters for Network IP Door Controllers
Entrada2DMK interfaces with network door controllers to facilitate the release of locking devices in the event of a fire alarm condition. This is accomplished without the added costs of running additional cables and having to deploy more power supplies and fire relays. These adapters also isolate lock power from the network door controller, providing a cleaner and safer installation. The Entrada2DMK releases power to the locking devices, while maintaining PoE to the network door controller.



Networked NAC Power Extenders
FireSwitch adds greater flexibility and capacity to your system. Eight (8) Class B NACs are individually programmable for Aux. power or up to Four (4) Class A outputs. FireSwitch generates CO Temporal Code 4, compatible with Gentex®, Potter and System Sensor® signals. Selectable EOL resistor values simplify retrofits.



Passive UTP Transceiver Hubs
The HubSat remote video/data/power accessory module allows the transmission of four video signals over one CAT5E/6 or higher cable and is designed to interface with all new Altronix HubWay models. It can be installed as a stand-alone passive receiver Hub with integral power on board.



UTP Video Solutions
HubWay UTP receiver hubs transmits UTP video / data on a single CAT-5E or CAT-6 cable for distances of up to 1 mile. They are available in a space saving 1U rack mount chassis with up to 32 outputs that are individually selectable for 24VAC or 28VAC.



Network Communication
Control, Monitor and Report power from Anywhere ….Our innovative LINQ™ technology fills the void in network communications for mission critical power distribution applications. LINQ reports diagnostics via SNMP and Email – greatly reducing system downtime and eliminating unnecessary service calls while creating RMR opportunities. Retrofits with most low voltage AC and DC power supplies.



Central Management Software
The innovative LINQ Dashboard allows LINQ enabled products to be integrated at multiple sites and easily managed and monitored remotely – also allowing access to third party web-based solutions.



Access Power Controllers
Maximal access power controllers provide seamless power for readers and accessories plus independent control of door hardware devices for larger systems. Available in a wide range of configurations in both 12VDC and/or 24VDC power options. Maximal is easily customizable with field-installable UL Listed sub-assembly/distribution modules.



PoE Solutions
NetWay provides the best way to deliver PoE, PoE+ or Hi-PoE to a variety of edge devices, and ensures there’s power even if the network goes down. Designed for a myriad of IP applications, NetWay PoE Solutions can be conveniently located indoors or outdoors. Includes: Midspans, Switches with Fiber ports, Injectors, Adapters and more.



Long Range Ethernet
Pace™ Long Range Ethernet Solutions let you locate IP devices beyond the standard Ethernet range. Pace supports PoE and PoE+ with data rates up to 100Mbps full duplex. Extend your IP devices over greater distances with Pace.



Video Surveillance UPS
Altronix ReServ Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) will help assure your cameras are on all the time. The ReServ Series provides uninterrupted regulated power for your video surveillance cameras, so a brownout or power outage doesn’t compromise your security.



DC power supplies
The SAV Series – available in a range of models offering 4, 9, 18 and 36 PTC protected outputs – provide 12VDC for powering video surveillance cameras and accessories.



Panic Device Power Controllers
StrikeIt1 operates up to two (2) 24VDC panic hardware devices individually or simultaneously. It is designed to handle the high current surge that panic hardware locking devices demand



Universal 2-stage Timers
Tempo is suitable for applications that require timed operations. A delayed egress feature will trigger a 1 to 60 sec door release and a digital display facilitates ease of programming and real-time information.



Access & Power Integration Solutions
Our Trove™ access and power integration solution lets you easily combine Altronix power with access controllers and accessories available from the industry’s leading manufacturers. A variety of backplanes offer a wide range of scalable access and power configurations. This solution simplifies board layout and wire management, while reducing installation and labor costs. Customize your access control with Trove.



Rack Mount Power Supplies
VertiLine power supplies are the ideal solution for centralized power for AC/DC cameras in a compact rack configuration. AC units are available with up to 24 outputs and each output is individually selectable for 24VAC or 28VAC and DC units are available with 12VDC or 24VDC outputs.



Versatile Outdoor Power Solutions
WayPoint units provide a robust power solution for PTZ and fixed cameras, heater/blower housings, IR illuminators and virtually any surveillance or security product that’s exposed to the elements. They’re designed for the harshest environments with IP66 NEMA4/4X rated enclosures, stainless lockable latches, and integral flanges to accommodate wall or pole mounting. A wide range of models in single or multi-output are available providing 24VAC and/or 28VAC

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