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NOW SHIPPING: Russound XTSPlus Wall-Mounted Color Touchscreen
November 7, 2018

The new XTSPlus Touchscreen is a stylish in-wall touchscreen that runs an embedded version of the popular MyRussound™ App. In an exciting update to the popular XTS Touchscreen which it replaces, the XTSPlus offers several compelling new features:

Larger display

The XTSPlus offers a 5″ (12.7cm) 1280 x 720 HD display.  The new display is perfect for taking advantage of upcoming changes to the embedded MyRussound app for the new MBX-Series of streaming audio products coming soon.

Faster Processor

A powerful quad-core A53 Cortex processor lies at the heart of the new XTSPlus.  The faster processor pairs with increased memory and storage to allow more versatility for future features and updates.

More Flexible Installation Options

The new XTSPlus has been re-designed so that it will not only fit in any single-gang wall box just like the XTS, but it will also now fit in any standard 60mm Euro boxes, too!

Built-in Proximity Sensor

The XTSPlus includes a built-in sensor to allow it to wake up as soon as you approach it, providing instant access to full audio control: changing the volume, playing or pausing, selecting a favorite, etc.

More efficient PoE Design

The XTSPlus uses a more efficient 802.3af compatible PoE power supply, allowing for less power consumption and cooler operation

More App options

The advanced capabilities of the new XTSPlus are designed to allow a key future update that has been requested by many Russound dealers…adding the ability to run more apps than just the MyRussound app.  This exciting feature will be released in 2019 and will be part of a free software update to any XTSPlus device.


The XTSPlus works exclusively with Russound MCA-Series Controllers and XStream™ Series streaming audio systems as well as being designed as the ideal touchscreen for the upcoming MBX Series of streaming audio products from Russound.

As an IP-based touchscreen, the XTSPlus connects to the network rather than the controller, making placement options extremely flexible. The network connectivity also allows the XTSPlus to control any room/device in the Russound audio system. A single XTSPlus can be used to control an entire home’s audio system, all easily accessible and ready to go with a simple tap or touch.

The key benefit to installing an XTSPlus is that it gives full control and easy access to a Russound audio system, eliminating the need for finding and accessing a particular app on a phone or tablet to simply change the volume or switch favorites. Power over Internet (PoE) allows the XTSPlus to receive power over the same Ethernet connection used for communication, requiring only one CAT-5/6 cable run to a single-gang workbox or p-ring at the location.

Benefit Summary:

  • Elegant, low-profile design for a stylish appearance that blends with any décor
  • Large 5″ (12.7 cm) high resolution 1280 x 720 HD display
  • Runs the MyRussound™ App to provide instant access to control your Russound system
  • Powerful quad-core Cortex processor ready for today’s app and for more powerful Russound apps in the future
  • Adjustable display brightness and screen timeout settings to tailor to any room or user requirements
  • Supports all MCA-Series controllers and XStream Series of streaming audio systems -the XTSPlus controls anything that the MyRussound app on your phone does
  • Controls any zone within a Russound system, not limited to a single zone like previous Russound touchscreens
  • One-year limited warranty for the peace of mind you and your customers desire

Available Now

The XTSPlus is now shipping to all of our customers.

More Information

More information on the XTSPlus is available by clicking here.

Please note that due to the release of the XTSPlus, our previous touchscreen, the XTS, is now officially discontinued.  The XTSPlus is a direct replacement and can be used in any installation in place of the XTS model touchscreen.

Thank you for your support of Russound and its products.

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