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Tired of long web searches and lengthy how-to videos trying to find an answer? LRG TV introduces the cure for that- Our new “SOLVED in 60 Seconds” Series helps you with how-do-I answers. No fluff, no infomercials, no email subscription inbox floods, just the answer to questions to help you make an installation go smoother, solve an application challenge and simply be more profitable with LRG Product Partner solutions.

All guaranteed in 60 Seconds or less. Simply see the video clip of interest below and click!

We’ll be adding more Q&A weekly, so check back often. We welcome your questions you seek answers to or even your clips that solve installations issues from LRG Vendors. Simply shoot that testimony and email Sabrina Lakey at sabrinal@lanrepgroup.com and we will add it.

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Altronix VR6 with Bryan McGee

How do you accommodate multiple voltage sources from a power supply when designing an access control system?

TRENDnet WLC100 with Cory Hubbard

How do I centralize control of multiple Wireless Access Points (WAPS)?

AWID LR3000 with Brian Geggie

Do you have a solution to open overhead doors from a distance?

VIVOTEK MS9390 with John Swinford

Beale Speakers with Jim Kotz

How do I get the best quality sound out of my sound system?

Altronix NetWay with Jon Chiquet

Have you ever had a need for a remote outdoor PoE switch for your camera system?