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April 18, 2022

Installs Simplified! The first of the new HDMI Training Modules from Vanco provides a baseline of how HDMI works, versions of HDMI, and common problems and how to address them. The second module builds on the base established from the previous module and then dives deep into cable construction and the numerous methods for extending HDMI, as well as when it may make sense to use an HDMI extender.


A chain is as strong as its weakest link. We’ve all heard this saying before but then why do we settle for mediocrity after installing the quality products you are known for? Yes, that least expensive power strip you may use have been known to cause some big problems. Get the MONSTER, get MONSTER POWER.



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eLRG Weekly Update

eLRG Weekly Update

The NEW XTS7, 7” Wall Mounted Touchscreen from Russound has an elegant, in-wall design and comes with the Russound App pre-installed. It uses an Android operating system and allows you to download your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. [button...

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