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May 13, 2020

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Even the latest in biometric readers can leave facilities vulnerable. What’s at fault? The legacy Wiegand connection.

Due to advances in technology,the Wiegand protocol can easily be hacked, disabling your access control – or worse.

The Security Industry Association’s OSDP protocol with Secure Channelis the best defense against hackers.


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eLRG Weekly Update

eLRG Weekly Update

    “A product I recommend every time a camera is needed for a budget-conscious customer is the VIVOTEK FD9380-H. It comes in 2 lens sizes, 2.8mm and 3.6mm, is weatherproof for outdoor or indoor use, is vandal-resistant, great in low light scenarios, and has...

eLRG Weekly Update

eLRG Weekly Update

  “One product I recommend is the TEW-840APBO2K wireless access point kit from Trendnet. This is a pre-configured kit with no configuration setup needed out of the box, easy to deploy, and can handle multiple cameras. We have recommended and used this for...

eLRG Weekly Update

eLRG Weekly Update

    “One of the products I love and recommend is the CDVI FTC-1000. This is what is needed for ALL companies to monitor facial temperature, mask detection, and for facial recognition. Since the Covid pandemic is STILL with us after 24 months, many companies...

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