eLRG Weekly Update
July 25, 2022




The FT9361-R Facial Recognition Tablet has a database that holds 50,000 faces, a built-in Weigand card reader, and it is NDAA compliant. . The database allows dual accreditation if
needed or can be used for single accreditation as well. The FT9361-R can distinguish between a real live person and a high-definition photo trying to be used. It allows hands-free access control for entry, and you can also set up group credentials as in Blocklist, VIPs and Employees, etc…. A great solution to preventing “Buddy Punching” for employees clocking in.



New! NTB Battery Operated No Touch Sensor
These new request-to-exit solutions provide greater flexibility and control for sensitive
applications, without the need to make costly modifications, extending touchless access and egress in an easy and affordable way.



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eLRG Weekly Update

eLRG Weekly Update

The NEW XTS7, 7” Wall Mounted Touchscreen from Russound has an elegant, in-wall design and comes with the Russound App pre-installed. It uses an Android operating system and allows you to download your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. [button...

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