eLRG Weekly Update
January 24, 2022


“A product I recommend is the new MONSTER POWER products, a Vanco company. All of MONSTER POWER products have high-quality, trustworthy, fire-proof MOV’s (Metal Oxide Varistor) which are the components that STOP the power surge from damaging your product. Did you know the standard off-the-shelf power strips account for 37% of all household fires? Don’t find yourself being penny-wise and pound-foolish – get the MONSTER.”

Jim Kotz Regional Sales Manager, LRG


“The Zenitel ITSV-3 and TCIV-3 Ip Intercom Kit is a very simple and effective HD audio/video solution. This can be set up in SIP mode, IC Edge mode or ICX Alphacom mode depending on your platform. Zenitel’s Active Background Noise Cancelation technology is perfect for an entry gate application to cut out background noise such as truck engines, traffic, and other unwanted noise interference. The camera on the TCIV-3 is ONVIF compliant with 30fps at 1080p resolution and 6 parallel video streams. So for your next IP Intercom solution try Zenitel because communication is critical.”

Jon Chiquet, Regional Sales Manager, LRG



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