eLRG Weekly Update
January 10, 2022



“A product I recommend every time a camera is needed for a budget-conscious customer is the VIVOTEK FD9380-H. It comes in 2 lens sizes, 2.8mm and 3.6mm, is weatherproof for outdoor or indoor use, is vandal-resistant, great in low light scenarios, and has many other great features. But best of all it’s a great price point!”

      Jacque Hill, Inside Sales Support, LRG





“A product I recommend is the DJ-1 drill jig from Alarm Controls. It really helps the installer in getting a mag-lock installed quickly, precisely, and with its heavy steel construction, it helps prevent damage to the door frame caused by drill bit walk. The DJ-1 is pre-drilled for both the Alarm Controls’ 600 and 1200-pound locks.”

                    Don Gasch, Region Manger, LRG




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