eLRG Weekly Update
December 27, 2021



“One of the products I love and recommend is the CDVI FTC-1000. This is what is needed for ALL companies to monitor facial temperature, mask detection, and for facial recognition. Since the Covid pandemic is STILL with us after 24 months, many companies have still not returned to the office. A recent study of downtown Chicago offices has shown that ONLY 20% of businesses are back in the office. This means 80% of businesses are still looking for a method to quickly test for irregular temperature and mask detection. A Wiegand interface is available to unlock a door once the various temp and mask detection tests are approved. A third benefit of the FTC-1000, aside from the Covid mitigation uses, is facial recognition for employees, so when we are done with Covid (Yes, I believe there IS an end game to the pandemic!) the FTC-1000 can be used for two-factor authorization, which most companies are now requiring for maximum access control authentication.”

Steve Reddington, Regional Sales Manager, LRG






“Use existing 18/2 twisted pair cable to upgrade IP cameras, intercom, and other network devices. Pace1KRT by Altronix provides PoE/PoE+ network connectivity at 10Mbps. It just makes sense!”

Bryan McGee, Regional Sales Manager, Altronix



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