eLRG Weekly Update
July 30, 2021

“VIVOTEK analytics can be a closer when competing against lower/same priced cameras to help close more projects using included analytics to create notification/alarms or minimize false alarms. Additional analytics can be added to cameras containing less than the full suite can be upgraded by adding a single analytic (MSRP $99) or the full suite (MSRP $149).”

Brian Geggie, RSM LRG





“Sometimes saving a buck isn’t worth it. The Vanco Evolution EV4K2006 is a super value for
extending a HDMI with true 4K (4K@30Hz, 4:4:4 Chroma plus HDR) up to 130 feet! All at a great value but you may see others that might be a few dollars less – remember to compare apples to apples. Don’t settle for less, don’t roll a truck and lose time, money and, more importantly, upset your valuable customer over an inexpensive part – choose the right one the first time. Remember ALL Vanco Evolution products thoroughly tested and put through their paces TWICE before you ever receive them – the quality control is intensive. Also, ALL Vanco Evolution
products come with a 10-YEAR WARRANTY. So don’t take the chance using the one that might be a few dollars less, use the one you won’t regret – Vanco Evolution.”

Jim Kotz, RSM LRG



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