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eLRG Weekly Update
July 16, 2021



“A great problem solver for those outdoor remote area cameras is the Altronix NetWaySP3LWPX. This unit contains a hardened 3 port hardened POE switch in a NEMA rated enclosure. It also contains a single SFP port so you can run fiber or a wireless bridge with relative ease. All you need to do is supply the power (115/230VAC). It even has a battery shelf for battery back-up.”

John Swinford, RSM LRG





“I had an integrator that needed to display nine cameras in a lobby area monitor. They have a Vivotek 32 ch NVR already in place. With the RX9401 from Vivotek, he is able to display up to 16 cameras, giving his customer precisely what they are asking for.”
Willie Marquez, RSM LRG




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eLRG Weekly Update

eLRG Weekly Update

“VIVOTEK analytics can be a closer when competing against lower/same priced cameras to help close more projects using included analytics to create notification/alarms or minimize false alarms. Additional analytics can be added to cameras containing less than the full...

eLRG Weekly Update

What's NEW in the eLRG Library? “What do you do when your integrator only has 1 Category cable to a Parking Lot pole but wants 2 cameras. Vivotek has the solution for that very problem. The AP-FXC-0260 POE Extender allows you to take 1 Category cable in and Deliver 2...

  ATTENTION Access Control Installers! Altronix has done it again with the release of the new Trove Plus. This is an amped up version of the Trove 3 enclosure which now contains the power and wiring inside of finger duct for 16 doors! This will save labor dollars...

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