eLRG Update
June 27, 2022

TANE ALARM PRODUCTS proudly announces the latest addition to our MET-200AR family of armored commercial contacts, with our new DPDT configured MET-204CAR.

Featuring a six-wire armored cable and mounting spacers, these surface mount commercial contacts are IN-STOCK and AVAILABLE for immediate ordering.



TRENDnet’s MoCA Ethernet Over Coax Adapters use your existing coaxial cables to extend a high-speed building-wide Triple Play network throughout your home or
office. These compact MoCA adapters are designed to support MoCA deployment for digital TV, high speed-internet, and VoIP single-access subscription service
offerings. Choose between models TMO-311C2K (MoCA 2.0/1Gbps) or TMO-312C2K (MoCA 2.5/2Gbps) depending on your networking needs!



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