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Happy Birthday LRG!

Rules and Regulations

WHAT:          $20,000 Rewards Giveaway!

WHEN:          January-August 2021

HOW:             Buy/Sell Anniversary Sponsor Products

WHY:             As a THANK YOU for your loyalty to LRG Product Partners!

Dear Industry Associates- We at LRG inc are celebrating our 20th Anniversary in business this year! While we are not the first rep firm to hit 20 years, we assure you we are the most appreciative one. YOU the installer, YOU the wholesale supplier and our industry leading manufacturers are who we credit for this historic milestone. It is because of YOU we have become one of the largest security and low voltage representation firms in the Central U.S. here to support YOUR business success.

So, what is the scoop on the LRG Rewards Giveaway? Well, thanks to several of our core product partners, we are rewarding you for your support of LRG. The economic environment has been challenging for our entire industry and we know you must be very strategic in your product selection. However, we all have survived and thrived because of our chosen business partners. We at LRG are excited about 2021 and this campaign adds to that excitement!

Here are the details you need to know to win:

WHO IS ELIGIBLE– 2 groups are eligible:  1) Installers/dealers that operate within the LRG territories of TX, LA, OK, AR, MS, KS, IA, NM, CO, MO, NE, IL, WI, MN, ND and SD. 2) Wholesale Distributors that operate within those same territories. The expected disclaimers apply- We at LRG can’t enter (duh) nor can our competitors (double duh). This is limited to those that purchase or sell the sponsored vendor products. Pretty simple, right?

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT THIS PROMOTION– A Purchase Is Necessary to Enter! NO “anyone-can-enter,” NO “must give us all your personal info,” NO “limit on number of entries,” NO “only 1 winner.” We mean, come on- You wouldn’t go to Vegas if you knew there was only going to be one winner, right? You wouldn’t be motivated to enter a contest that took a year and was open to everybody under the sun, would you? The LRG Rewards Giveaway is designed for those that actually have skin in the game. You buy and sell the product, you deserve these better odds!

THE REWARD– At the end of each month beginning January 2021 through August 2021, we will give away $500 each to 2 winning Dealers and $500 each to 2 winning Distributor salespeople. At the end of August, any entries submitted that have not been drawn as a monthly winner will be placed into a Bonus Chance drawing for $1,000 each to be given to 2 lucky dealers and distributors. A total of $20,000 will be given away! All winners will have the option of receiving their winnings either in the form of a Check, Gift Card, Company Points Program, Sponsored Vendor Product or even a Charity of their choice. Your choice to keep things flexible depending on your company’s policy. An authorization form provided by us signed by your supervisor or manager will be necessary before we send your prize. Remember, we are sharing the wealth here- If you win any portion of the contest, you are going to play nice and step aside to let others have a chance to win. No repeat winners in the spirit of increased chances of winning!

HOW TO ENTER– For you Dealers, simply send us a copy of proof of purchase invoice that includes products from any of the sponsored vendors listed below. For our Distributors partners, simply send us a copy of proof of sale (sales order or invoice) from any of those same vendor sponsors. You can enter as often as you wish! Each submittal will constitute one entry regardless of how many sponsored products are on that copy. All entries can be submitted one of 4 ways: EMAIL or PICTURE to any LRG associate, FAX to 409-384-4561, EMAIL to win@lanrepgroup.com  or simply HAND to your local LRG salesperson. The entries are for the month dated on the orders and must be received no later than the 5th of the next month to be considered eligible. Kindly include your contact info (write on or as part of the email) so we can reach you! We’ll draw on or around 6th of each month with an actual County Judge and publish the winners immediately on this site.

NO WORRIES PLEDGE– We at LRG wish to confirm that your submittal entries will remain the strict property of this campaign and its sponsors and will NOT be published or shared. We respect that your business is your business.

BY ENTERING, I’M COOL WITH– Being announced and published as a winner of the LRG Reward Giveaway. I understand that LRG will contact me for an optional testimony as to why I bought or sold that sponsor vendor’s product to be shared on the LRG Reward web site. In exchange for my published testimony, LRG will be extremely appreciative!

BY ENTERING, I KNEW THIS WOULD BE EXPECTED– Winners are responsible for any tax implications, any denial of award by their company, or any ineligibility that might arise, and agree to hold LRG harmless of any liability- implied or expressed, any entries deemed fraudulent and any actions or acts beyond LRG’s control. Void where prohibited. Your mileage may vary. Shampoo, rinse, repeat…

LRG SUMMARY- From all of us at LRG, Thank You for the reciprocal support you have given us over these 20 years! Come back to this site often to see weekly What’s New at LRG solutions from our Sponsor Vendors as well as real world questions and answers from our NEW Solved In 60 Seconds video series!

Remember, you can enter as many times as you want. Lots of chances to WIN!

Now, let’s all have some fun!             –

Chris Lanier, LRG Grateful Associate #001