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August 18, 2020

Stopper News

Covers Take Hard Knocks in Stride

Covers Constructed of Tough Polycarbonate


STI announces these hinged covers can take hard knocks in stride while helping to protect smaller-sized electrical units. The covers and hinges are molded of super tough clear polycarbonate material.


The Bopper Stopper® cover (STI-6518) and the included adapter plate provides a solid back for surface mount applications. Inexpensive and highly durable, the device features a stainless steel torsion spring to keep the cover closed.


Single-Gang Protective Cover (STI-6519) is quick and easy to install. The included frame mounts directly through product mounting plate to an electrical box, eliminating the need to drill additional holes in the wall. Complete with installation screws and gasket.


Both covers are part of a series to help protect push buttons, electrical switches, digital keypads, electrical outlets, smaller-sized pull stations, biometrics, volume or lighting controls and more against vandalism and accidental damage.


As all STI protective covers, these polycarbonate covers are backed by a three year guarantee against breakage in normal use.



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